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I delight in good data, beautiful ideas, and gorgeous design. Over the past fifteen years, I have specialized in ocean conservation, science communication, journalism and social media. In my workshops, coaching, speaking, and writing, I’m focused on - and fascinated by - exploring how ideas flow among people. 

Liminal Creations, LLC
Founder & Principal 
Sept 1, 2020 - current

Liminal is a design firm focused on science + communication. I am accepting speaking engagements and some limited consulting work on interesting projects before I officially launch in Q4 2020. 

The Story Collider
Executive Director 
2015 - Aug 31, 2020


The Story Collider is a nonprofit organization dedicated to true, personal stories about science. It was founded in 2012, and I was recruited in 2015 to become its first Executive Director. In the past five years, I hired our first four full-time employees, built our team from five to forty producers, expanded our regular shows from two to fourteen cities, and developed our trainings program from the ground up. I joined Story Collider founding member and Artistic Director Erin Barker in co-hosting our weekly podcast in 2019.

I was on the advisory board of MIT's CommLab from 2015-2017. In 2018, I helped commission and edit the peer-reviewed “Stories from the Frontlines of Conservation” series at PLOS Biology. I am on the organizing committee of the 2019 National Academies of Sciences colloquium on "Advancing the Science and Practice of Science Communication: Misinformation About Science in the Public Sphere", The Aspen Institute's Science & Society Program Advisory Council, and the AAAS Committee on Science and Technology Engagement with the Public. I also am a lecturer at Yale University through the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative

Assistant Director of Science Outreach
2008 - 2015


COMPASS is dedicated to helping scientists to better engage in the public discourse about the environment. My work helped researchers build the communication skills, social networks, and knowledge of journalism and policymaking that they need to engage effectively. I specialized in connecting scientists to tradition and social media, and focused on designing and leading communication workshops for faculty across the country.



International Coral Program Manager 

​2006 - 2008


SeaWeb is an international conservation nonprofit organization that uses social marketing techniques to promote ocean conservation. Highlights included:

  • Working with fashion industry partners including The Tiffany Foundation to launch a consumer campaign for coral conservation, Too Precious to Wear.

  • Proposing a CITES Appendix II listing for pink and red coral and giving supporting science testimony at the CITES 13th Conference of Parties at The Hague.

  • Leading press operations for the 2008 International Coral Reef Symposium, including a journalist fellowship, the pressroom, press briefings, and social events.



Asia Pacific Program Associate
​2005 - 2006


SeaWeb’s Asia Pacific Program works with communities and scientists in the Pacific Islands to help experts share their knowledge with the local media. My work included:

  • Creating The Sea Series: a Crash Course in Marine Science for Journalists in Suva, Fiji and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

  • Building a formal partnership with FLMMA (Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network).

Boston University. 

2002 - 2005

MA in ​Ecology and Evolution 

Advisor: Dr. Gil Rosenthal



University of Maryland. 

​1998 - 2002

BA in Marine Biology

Advisor: Dr. Ken Paynter

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